All You Need To Know About Fiberglass Entry Doors

Fiberglass entry doors are one of the most popular doors used for entry door replacement projects. Although different types of materials are used to make entry doors, fiberglass is an amazing material that is easy to maintain, weatherproof, and aesthetic.

If you want to undertake a door replacement project, fiberglass doors are suitable for your entrance. There are some things you should know about fiberglass entry doors, read this post to have a full grasp of what fiberglass entry doors have to offer.

1. Variety of Finishes

With the latest technology used, fiberglass entry doors can be finished to imitate the appearance, feel and finish of wood, as many of them have the look of oak, mahogany and pine wood.

2. Super Durability

Fiberglass entry doors are durable and they do not rot, warp, swell, or shrink because they are made from glass-fiber-reinforced polymers used for crafting airplanes. They are also resistant to fire and insects.

3. Curb Appeal

Gone are the days when fiberglass doors look like plastic. With improved technology and processes, fiberglass entry doors now have amazing curb appeal through high-quality textured fiberglass skins.

4. Energy-saving Insulation

Fiberglass entry doors are adequately insulated to enhance the home’s interior energy efficiency. They are built to withstand heat and cold outdoors and protect the interior temperature and comfort. An insulating foam is placed inside the doors raising their energy rating to R-6 which is higher than the R-2 of wood.

5. Stability

Regardless of how long fiberglass entry doors have been exposed to harsh elements, they are very stable. They do not swell or shrink like wood. Fiberglass doors will not stick or let in drafts to threaten the energy efficiency of the house. Unlike some doors that have their moulded panels get recalled, fiberglass entry doors’ moulded panels are reliable and stable.

6. Low Maintenance

Fiberglass entry doors do not require extensive maintenance. All that needs to maintain fiberglass entry doors is a damp cloth to clean the doors. The doors’ finish does not degrade because they do not expand or contract. If required, a restorative top coat varnish can be applied to the doors to prevent fading.

7. Crack Possibility

Be careful with fiberglass entry doors during a door replacement project. The skin on fiberglass doors can crack if hit by a hard object but the fiberglass door will not dent. Besides, the skin can also peel away from the panel.


Entry door replacement projects have become easy with high-quality fiberglass entry doors on the market. Find your preferred design and finish and hire a qualified windows and doors company for the installation. Boost your home’s curb appeal.

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